Wireless Home Security Systems

Wireless home security systems rise!

Consumer interest in wireless home security systems and cameras is now on the rise! Here are the list of our findings!

Most commonly searched for questions concerning home security systems and their automation – as can be perhaps expected, homeowners are most concerned with just how energy efficient they are, and how they work.

People these days are conscious of environmental issues which shows in a whopping 20% of searches involving how energy efficient they are.

Wireless home security systems becomes a new standard

Modern Wireless Home Security Systems Features – Some of the most common features available today for home security cameras and/or home security systems have practically become a standard feature of any security system that has a chance of selling with all of the available models which are so affordable.

Wireless Home Security Systems
Wireless Home Security Systems become an important factor!

What features made the cut for most common?

As you can see, Alerts and notifications made the list. Most home security cameras available include this feature.

There’s a particular kind of peace of mind you receive from knowing that if a trigger is set on your home security systems, you’ll know about it immediately.

Being energy efficient is certainly an important feature, as the search terms people employ when looking for information about home security imply pretty plainly.

With many Americans (and people around the world for that matter) more concerned about the environment and alternative fuels, this should come as no surprise.

Remote viewing is another that made the list.

Just about any security camera on the market is starting to offer this, most of them with the ability to view remotely not only from various computers, but from applications on your smart phone as well.

In the past, most remote viewing was only possible through a PC which you had loaded software from the company on which allowed you to access remote viewing.

Many wireless home security systems now have taken this feature a step further by making it possible to access remote viewing by simply logging in via any browser on an internet ready PC, laptop, smartphone, etc.

This innovation in home security technology has certainly laid new ground in the industry which has lead to it becoming practically standard.

Another notable feature on the list is a digital picture viewer, through which you can view the live stream of your security cameras current security monitoring.

The digital picture viewer simply is mounted to a wall in your home or placed on a table which displays pictures, changing periodically.

When you desire, (or the security cameras are triggered according to your specific settings) you can switch over to viewing the cameras feed.

Canary All-in-one wireless security camera is an excellent home security system which comes with this feature as standard.

Wireless home security systems
Canary is a really good choice, but a little bit pricey given a lot of features

Home Security Interest up by 300% – Another important aspect to look at in these stats for me was the fact that the amount of people searching for information on home security information has risen by three times as much as in the Year 2010.

It seems that as modern technological advances in the field of home security cameras leads to more affordable and feature rich options, more people will be interested in having as much peace of mind that these security camera systems can provide for such a low cost and amount of hassle.