Outdoor wireless alarm system is better?

The less, the merrier! This holds true when it comes to an outdoor wireless alarm system. The less wires you have to deal with for installation, the merrier your life will be.

Technology has taken a major leap in the past decade, and I am always be thankful for that.

I used to set up a home security camera system for my parents’ house about 10 years ago, and at one point, I was ready to give up due to the big mess of wires that the system required to work properly.

wireless alarm system

The advantage of an outdoor wireless alarm system

Having said that, it doesn’t mean I undermine the outdoor wired security system. However, from my own experience, it’s better to use the wireless for the outdoor due to several reasons:

  • The wireless cameras system functions on their own batteries; hence, it can be comfortably installed in any place, which does not have electrical access like your outdoor.
  • If you happen to live in older homes, condominiums or apartments, then it’s a great alternative.
  • Our lifestyle has changed. We now live on the smart phone, and having the security system connected to phones wirelessly is a big plus for remote monitoring
  • The wireless system is easier to integrate into a another system such as home automation system, which gives you a more holistic experience
  • Expand the system quickly as you need it

However, I reckon that the wireless system also come with some disadvantages such as:

  • Batteries: The fact that wireless camera sensors needs batteries to function is a bit scary, as the batteries may die out unexpectedly. As a home owner, you should check the batteries often.
  • Though you may think that we have more flexibility as to where we can install the wireless cameras, those cameras require to be kept close to a central control panel. Otherwise, the whole system doesn’t work as great as it should be.

Outdoor wireless security system can be an incredible DIY choice. It is battery controlled and we do not need a lot of wires to make it work. This is important as we have less thing to maintain, especially these outdoor things are quicker to deteriorate.

It’s really easy for you to set up an outdoor wireless security cameras when compared to traditional hard-wired cameras system. In the past, wires are connected through your home to every entry point and motion sensor.

And the wired system needs a ‘closed’ electrical circuit in place. It’s easier for the intruders to identify the system and cut the wires so that your alarm will go off.

And for me, it’s completely not installation-friendly. I will definitely need to call my friend, who is an electrician to come over for help, as determining how to run the wires in an attractive way that’s difficult for burglars to defeat is tricky and time consuming.

Wireless system doesn’t need that. It’s portable, lightweight and movable. If you move house, you can simply take the whole system with you.

The basic purpose of cameras is to increase the maximum security of the place and it is only possible through the advanced technology. And your outdoor needs a wireless alarm system, not a wired one.

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