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Maintaining security cameras in time

Maintaining security cameras during Spring and Summer

Even though your investment in home security cameras is supposed to keep you safe and on guard the entire year around, many find it beneficial to pay particular attention to maintaining security cameras during some specific points depending on the time of year.

I’m sure that many people are unaware, but seasonal change most certainly effects crime rates and likelihood of crime to be committed.

Security camera system for your home shouldn’t have any issues operating under most reasonable weather conditions, but what can you do to really optimize your home security system performance during the Spring and Summer?

maintaining security cameras


Spring – not only is it beautiful to the eye, but crime rates do not seem to see a rise during this time, at least for break-ins or burglary.

Spring is a season that depending on where you’re located can make an appearance anywhere from March – June.

Also depending on your location, temperatures can go from very cold to quite warm and then back over the course of a week or two.

This will obviously lead to the fear of water damage to your electronic equipment, as Spring is a notoriously “wet” season. 

It will likely only be your outdoor security cameras (if anything) that become effected. It’s important to remember to check that all of your outdoor equipment is thoroughly waterproof.

If you can go for a wireless security camera system, I personally think it’s a better option.


Unfortunately, unlike in the Spring, Summer ranks highest in terms of seasons most likely to have a break in occur.

You’re more than twice as likely to have your home broken into during the Summer than any other season of the year. You could point to a number of reasons that make sense as to why exactly this is the case.

First and foremost (and should be most obvious) is that in winter it’s cold!

Unless he’s really got something in mind that he’s after specifically, you’re unlikely to find a burglar prowling around in the freezing cold looking for a seemingly empty home.

Plus, it’s sure a lot easier to track snow prints and see men in black ski masks against the snow of course.. just a thought.

Summertime is also when many people go on vacation. If somehow a potential criminal knows that you’ll be 500 miles away for a week, he probably won’t even think twice about taking his sweet time to carefully break in with no one around to catch him.

Having a proper at home security camera system that operates while you’re away can help to deter this menace.

Finally, people accidentally leave windows open constantly in the summer. It’s so commonplace to leave one wide open and leave the house, giving a wide open hassle free entrance for any burglar who wants to come snoop around your house. You do have your wireless security cameras set up, correct?

Do you regularly perform maintaining security cameras at home? And do you think we should pay extra attention during Spring and Summer? Let us know what you think by commenting below.