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Home safety for apartment owners

Home safety tips for apartment owners

If you live in a city apartment, you’ll already be familiar with the idea that you have a different set of home safety precautions and procedures to worry about.

Although living in an apartment complex does offer some home safety advantages from those who have their own homes, these advantages alone don’t make you immune to the threat of a home invasion.

Just as in the case of the homeowner, there’s some things you can and should do in order to ensure that your home safety systems are kept in top shape and that your own personal home safety is on total lock down.

What are a few things you as an apartment owner can do in order to make sure that your home is as safe as can possibly be?

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Again, all best home security camera systems start with doors!

1. Lock Doors – This should be as obvious as anything, but make sure that you lock your doors! As FBI statistics show, most home invasions occur as a result of a criminal walking right through an open front door. Double check every time you leave the apartment that the door is locked securely. Especially since those that live in an apartment have doors so close to one another, it isn’t hard to imagine a burglar waltzing down the halls and tugging on each door handle in order to check if it’s been locked up or not.

2. Get All Keys and Change Locks – If you’re newly moving into a new apartment, ask the former owners if they would be willing to turn over their keys to the apartment for you. Whether or not they do so, I would still advise making sure that the locks to the apartment are changed anyway.

If your landlord or property manager refuses to pay for it themselves, you should still take it upon yourself to change the locks. For your own peace of mind, having the locks changed will ensure that you and whoever lives there are the only ones with with access to the door.

3. Be a Friendly Neighbor – When living in close proximity to others, the issue of having to get along with those around you will inevitably arise. For some this is easy, while those with more unreasonable neighbors might find it quite a hassle. In any case, try to make a priority of at least getting along with and being somewhat close with your neighbors immediately around you.

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Not only will this benefit you by having an air of mutual respect between your neighbors, hopefully leading to an easier day to day life for yourself, but you can count on your home safey being better off. If everyone around you keeps an eye out for each other and makes sure that no one suspicious is hanging around where they shouldn’t be, everyone can benefit from increased peace of mind.

4. Wireless Security Camera System – Having some sort of wireless home security systems is essential to truly having a secure life in your apartment.

Even if you don’t want to have a full fledged security camera system which includes alarms and all the other bells and whistles available out there, a simple set of wireless security cameras can be set up (or even a single one) for a very low cost.

Setting up just one of these IP camera or spy camera right in the entrance of your apartment is probably going to be more than you would even need, as there’s typically only one entry way into an apartment aside from a couple of windows, which of course should remain locked any time you aren’t at home or in that room.

Take heed of these simple home security tips for apartments and you should be well on your way to full peace of mind. Even though living in an apartment might be pretty different than an actual home, most of the same basic home safety tips still apply.

Keep doors locked, be a good neighbor, and set up some wireless home security cameras in order to ensure that your home is secure, and you shouldn’t have any issues!

You live in an apartment and have more ideas to add? Please kindly do so by leaving comments in the box below.

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8 home safety tips while on vacation

Your Home Security Systems Might Work Great, But What If You’re On Vacation?

To start off with the list of home safety tips, I want to share some very interesting facts and figures. Statistics clearly show that the majority of break ins occur during the summer months of July and August. Why is this?

Although there is more than one explanation to this common issue, the most probable and clear reason is that the majority of people tend to be on vacation, or at least away from their homes in some manner, during these months.

Criminals love to find a home where the residents are clearly on vacation, as this makes it an easy target at practically any time of the day. With no fear of the homeowners returning any time soon, an intruder is free to take as much time as he pleases in ransacking all of your valuables and personal belongings.

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What can you do if you’ll be taking an extended vacation of over a week or so to ensure that your home isn’t spotted as one which is empty easy pickings? Check out home safety tips below for inspiration:

Home safety tips that you can easily use

1. Exterior Security Lighting: As we’ve discussed in the past when it comes to outdoor security cameras and exterior lighting, this kind of technology can act as major crime deterrents.

Motion sensor lights, which won’t shine their lights until motion is detected are great for this purpose, because whether or not they believe the homeowner is at homeowner is currently within or not, the initial shock of the spot lights announcing to the entire neighborhood that the criminal is present will likely have him heading the other direction.

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2. Interior Security Lighting: Along with having your outdoor security lighting set up for your being away, make sure you have interior lighting programmed to deter criminals as well. What do I mean by this? You can purchase timers for your lights which will set them to turn on and off periodically, whether that be at certain times or every so many hours.

This serves an important job of making it appear as if there are people at home going about their daily routines as they normally would. You can do this for televisions, bedrooms, the kitchen, porch lights, etc.

3. Phones and answering machines: A phone ringing for long periods of time throughout the day with no answer is a sure sign that no one is at home, so either disconnect the thing completely, or set it up to only ring a few times before the answering machine picks up the call.

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This is one of my top favorite home safety tips

4. Home Security Systems: If you currently have an active home security system in place, make sure that it’s armed and will trigger upon any unwanted entry into the house. If you use a professional home security monitoring service, contact them as well to let them know you’ll be out of town for the time being and any emergency numbers that they can reach you at, should any problem arise in your absence.

5. Contact Neighbors and ask for Assistance: One of the best things you can do for your own home security which won’t cost you a dime is to be close with your neighbors. Even if you aren’t exactly “close” with them, it’s important to establish a trusting relationship that you both know you can trust each other with.

In the case that you’ll be leaving town on vacation, you can use this relationship to your advantage by humbly requesting that your neighbor keep an eye on things and look out for any suspicious behavior from people around your property. Agree to always do the same for him and any other neighbors around you, and you can have a solid base of home security surrounding the immediate location in which you live.

6. Spare Keys and Locks: If you’re the type that keeps spare keys under a doormat or in a nearby location just in case, either take them with you or place them inside during the period that you’re gone. A potential intruder, especially one which believes that the homeowner is currently away, will feel a lot more comfortable snooping around your property looking for these things. 

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Please do not forget me while you are on vacation, pal!

7. Vehicles in the Driveway: An even further advantage to being on good terms with your neighbor is that you can request that he occasionally park his car (or anyone else in the neighbors family) in your driveway to give an appearance of there being people at least coming and going.

The neighbor may even welcome the additional parking space for family and friends if a lot of drivers live at the residence. This is one of the most effective home safety tips that I think will work for you also. 

8. Cancel any Deliveries or Have the Neighbor Intercept: If you have newspapers, mail, etc. being delivered on a daily or nearly daily basis to your home in a visible location, despite your best efforts to conceal that you’re away, a visible piling up of these kinds of items are a sure sign that no one is home.

It’s not difficult to simply cruise down side streets and see a home with five newspapers piling up on the porch! You can either contact your provider and ask that they don’t deliver during the period that you’ll be away, or if you’ve got your groundwork in place with neighbors, request that one of them pick these items up for you and keep them out of view.

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Going on vacation should be a time to relieve yourself of stress, not take on even more! Make sure you take the above precautions and that your home security systems are in place, the home security cameras are ready to record, and you’ll be just fine.

Do I miss any of the home safety tips that you want to add in this list? Please do so by commenting below so that I can add in the list and benefits more readers.