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Prevent home camera system’s interference

How To Prevent Interference in a Wireless Home Camera System?

Home camera system: Security has evolved into an issue which needs to be given the utmost importance in our lives today.

The down-sloping of the economy has made a lot of people sink deep into financial problems and some of them end up going the wrong way and trying to make a living by theft and robbery. For this reason, we are never truly safe at home or at work.

Thankfully, the wireless security camera system has been invented for exactly this purpose.

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While conventional security systems with wires are determined to be too easy to bypass and can be disabled with ease, the wireless security camera system offers a resistant and effective way to monitor the happenings in your home or office.

The images which can be captured are crisp and crystal clear, and sound can also be detected by most of these modern devices.

By installing a wireless security camera system in your home or office, you are relying on the efficiency and modern capability of this device to take care of your safety and capture any untoward incidents.

Additionally, it has been proven that wireless cameras and other forms of security monitoring is an effective deterrent that discourages potential robbers from trying to earn a quick buck from you.

Although the wireless security camera system offers many useful benefits over its wired counterparts, one of the few issues that might cause some problems is the interference that could possible occur with the signal. This is an issue with all wireless devices, from cell phones to modems.

In due time, issues with interference in a wireless security camera system can be worked out. Until that point of time, there are a few tips and tricks that can be used to prevent interference from influencing the quality of your wireless security camera system recordings.

Strategic Positioning Of Your Control Panel

For all home camera systems and similar wireless devices, the main hub or port for the network is known as the control panel. The access point for all wireless devices attached to this system is usually via the same control panel.

Therefore, this control panel serves to dictate and observe the recordings from the camera which can be made remotely.

When this control panel is situated in a position which is not suitable, interference of the wireless signal is bound to occur.

To ensure that the wireless security camera system experiences minimal interference, it is critical that you place the control panel of the system in a central location, not far from all the wireless devices in the system.

Additionally, it would be beneficial to have the control panel elevated off the level of the floor. This will prevent any undue interference with other wireless devices and enhance the signals which can be transmitted through the wireless security camera system.

For that reason, an easy alternative to placing the control panel on the floor is by investing in a cheap table to place the control panel on.

Also, this will make usage of the control panel and monitoring easier and more comfortable to conduct.

Obeying The Appropriate Signal Radius

For all wireless systems, the basis of operation is by the way of radio waves which travel through the air and allow remote control of the individual parts of the system.

Structures which are located in between the control panel and the individual security cameras may lower the signal’s effectiveness.

Therefore, it is imperative that there are as few structures between the control panel and the individual security cameras as possible.

This will ensure that the signal can flow with little resistance and reduce the amount of interference which occurs.

Each home camera system comes with its own pre-determined signal radius. This figure is an indicator of the maximum distance which should exist between the control panel of the wireless security camera system and the other components.

However, it is logical that the shorter the distance between the control panel and the other components, the better the quality of the signal and the less interference which will be experienced.

Hence, be sure of the signal radius which is specified for each wireless security camera system and do not exceed it for your own system which is used at home or in the office.

Since structures like walls and doors will reduce the quality of the signal, make sure you keep the distance between components of the system to a minimum to ensure that you do not experience too much interference.

Avoid Close Proximity To Cordless Phones

Cordless phones have become much rarer today as people tend to prefer using their own individual cell phones for personal calls.

However, some houses are still equipped with cordless phones as they might offer better land-line charges.

For those who use cordless phones at home and are interested in purchasing a wireless security camera system, it is important to know that the quality of the wireless camera system will be compromised.

The main reason for this is the interference between the signals of the cordless phone and the wireless home camera system.

Therefore, changing your home phone to a newer cordless phone with less interference might be able to avoid the annoying problem of constantly experiencing interference with your wireless security camera system.

Additionally, your safety is more guaranteed as the camera system is less likely to experience problems.

Be Wary Of Wireless Internet Interference

With the increasing popularity of laptops and the importance of the internet in our daily lives, more and more houses are getting equipped with wireless routers for home internet service.

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Wireless internet may interfere your home camera system

However, this might cause a slight problem when it causes undue interference to your wireless security camera system.

It is important to realize that this might compromise the quality of your wireless security camera system recordings and might cause problems if the connection cannot be established in critical situations.

Therefore, it is essential that you try your best to keep the internet router a safe distance away from the wireless security camera system.

With this, you are able to ensure that a good connection can be maintained for both your wireless internet as well as your home camera system.

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Home camera system starts with doors

Home camera system: Ensure that your front door is not your weak spot

Whether you were aware of it or not, 70 to 80 percent of all home invasions by a burglar (or worse) come from criminals who enter the home through either the front or back door. And most of the houses do not have any home camera system in place. According to FBI statistics, there’s a home invaded via this method every 12 seconds or so right in the United States. 

If these numbers don’t alarm you enough to convince you that placing home camera system around your property is important, I’m not sure what will! In any case, it should at least bring the idea to your attention and perhaps will get you to be a little more strict about keeping doors securely locked when you’re away or a night.

Unfortunately, most people simply believe that bad things (like a home invasion) couldn’t possibly happen to them. They then proceed to leave the home with a back or side door unlocked, thinking that since they’ll be away for only a short while it isn’t a problem.

Especially during the day, this line of thinking prevails over many unfortunate homeowners, many of which don’t know that you’re actually more likely to be victim of burglary during the day, as your average criminal understands that people tend to be away from home at this time.

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A burglar breaks into the house in daylight. Probably, owners don’t have a home camera system in place.

Whether they be at work or school, a burglar is taking much less of a chance breaking in during broad daylight while no one is home, opposed to trying at night where risk of running into an angry homeowner who’s been awakened is far higher.

How Does a Criminal Typically Break Through a Locked Door?

Even if you’re smart enough to keep your doors locked during the day, this doesn’t necessarily prevent a criminal from breaking in. The most common ways of breaking in through a locked front door is by either slamming it with their shoulder, or doing the “mule kick” method.

Shoulder slamming works well enough, but typically the mule kick is employed. As it sounds, the criminal will turn his back towards the door and begin kicking it “backwards”, just as a mule or horse would. This is popular and used often because it works very well if you know how to do it, while also allowing the one doing the kicking to watch the street or whatever else may be behind him to ensure that he isn’t seen or being watched.

Why are Doors so Easy to Kick in?

Honestly, the average front door frame on any home is nothing more than a few two or four inch wooden studs latched together by nails and covered in a wooden trim. These weak door frames can handle a little force and typically won’t break necessarily “easily’, but if great enough force is applied continuously (as in a few strong, well placed kicks) they will splinter sooner or later. Serious home security can’t be discussed without the inclusion of a decent, sturdy door frame for at least the front door.

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A strong, thick, metal door hinge is essential to true home security.

Unfortunately, the wooden studs keeping the door frame nailed together tend to also be backed up by a thin and weak strike plate as well!

These generally held in place with screws or nails that are less than an inch long, which also make an easy target for a determined burglar. Hinges on the frame are the same story on most of these doors – take a look at your own, and you’ll find that the screws holding it on to the frame don’t measure more than an inch or so in most cases.

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1, 2, and 3

What Can I Do as a Solution to These Home Security Issues?

Before placing a home camera system, I believe we should start with enhancing the doors. There’s not a whole lot of solutions to the fact that you have a wooden door frame made from weak, wooden studs – It’s simply a fact that most homes are made this way. Fortunately this doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything that you can do to improve your own home security when it comes to your doors.

One of my first suggestions would be to place a metal guard over the location on your door where the knob and deadbolt are which extends over the edge of your door. This makes it impossible for a criminal to fiddle with your latch and deadbolt and breaking them out of the door.

Remove the weak one inch screws holding your door to the hinges and replace them with some strong two and a half inch or so screws. You might also want to go a little but further by putting some two inch or so screws on the hinge side which is attached directly to the door. This will ensure that the side of the door with the hinges cannot be kicked out.

The strike plate is another important element of your doors sturdiness, and in fact may be the most important of them all. The feeble wooden strike plate you probably have at the moment should be replaced with a solid, five foot metal door reinforcer. This large metal strike plate will make sure that simply kicking the door won’t be effective enough to split the wooden door frame from the door, which is the most common way that a door is kicked open.

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A sturdy metal strike plate could be the most important element in preventing your front door from being kicked in.

Aside from these simple tips, make sure that your door latches and deadbolts are solid and unable to be picked! You can purchase pick proof models which aren’t that expensive at all.

These make it impossible for a criminal to simply pick the lock and gain entry without forcing the door open. A peephole on the front and back door are another measure you can take that won’t take up much time or effort to install, but can be a lifesaver – some criminals are bold enough to knock right on the front door and rush the homeowner upon opening the front door.

Don’t make the mistake of letting him walk right in unchallenged!

Do you think that home camera system starts with enhancing your front and back entries? Let me know what you think and if I can be of help.