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Tips to pick hidden cameras for home

Most people wonder how to pick the best hidden cameras for home, and the answer may be easier than you can even think of.

I believe there is no best home alarm systems, as people’s preference tends to be different from each other. Some prefer wireless security camera system with top-notched resolution details; others prefer wired system with simple technology, and some others just prefer anything that is cheap, but give a bang for their bucks.

Hence, we don’t have the best camera system for home. We only have the most appropriate system for your own home, and you know which one will suit you best.

There are lots of features that you should consider before picking the best (sorry, the most appropriate) camera system for the home.

Depending your own needs (features, design, size, image resolution, high-end technology, brand, color, budget …), you can sort some camera systems out to compare before making your final decision.

Obviously, those cameras with a bundle of features will be a bit expensive and tempting; however, the first and only question you should ask yourself is: “Do I really need this (additional feature)?”

How to pick the best hidden cameras for home?

Here are the features that I have shortlist for you to help you better make decision:

  1. Your hidden cameras for home should have the ability to zoom and focus on the person or specific things. You don’t want to miss out the chance to catch or prevent any possible threats.
  2. The camera should have the ability to record the footage. If something happens, you need evidence to talk with the police officers, don’t you?
  3. The security camera should have dual audio, through which you can talk with another person who is standing at another side of the camera. I can think of many uses, for instance: a. you notice your children about a stranger lurking around and tell them not to open the door to anyone before you come back, and b. talk (or yell) to any suspect intruders.
  4. The camera should have speakers so that you could hear what people say. Years ago, we can only see what’s happening without being able to listening to it. Don’t be traditional and miss out an opportunity to communicate with your family members, or listen to “strange noise”.
  5. The camera should have alarm ability in case of emergency, it could give the alarm.
  6. The camera should have strong night vision so that it could watch everything clearly in the night as well.
  7. The camera should have the ability to rotate through the mobile application so that you can see the other view by rotating the camera by its application.

These are some few exceptional features which you should consider before buying the camera system for the home.

These features remain useful for your home security system, because through the cameras you can keep an eye on your kids for what they are doing in other rooms, supervise (secretly) the sweeper, maid and other workers of the house.

hidden cameras for home
Apart from keeping security, the hidden cameras for home can tell you whether your kids come back home on time after school or not.

If they have any bad behavior, you can easily record and feedback to them later. It is quite common that sweeper, maid and workers of the home steal valuable things from your house behind your back.

You can stop them by installing the best home camera system. Most of the times, people tend to behave better when knowing someone is watching over them.

Thanks to our rapid technology development, the camera system is not as expensive as before, because a good deals of camera companies are competing to each other so as to bring out the best technology at the most affordable price for customers. And usually, the latest featured cameras come with a longer term warranty.

Hence, try to make decision today to prevent your family from any possible threats. To learn more about home security, you can subscribe to my mailing list to get a FREE in-depth home security guide and occasional tips newsletters from me.

To sum up, there is no best camera system for home. There is only the most appropriate camera system for your home, and you know it best.

Take a deep breath, do some researches on Home Security Cameras HQ or elsewhere before drawing your wallet. Read our review about Canary All-in-One home security device here.

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I wish you and your family all the best in life.