solving puzzles

Solving puzzles helps you secure your house

Solving puzzles, really?

Hei, this is Bob again. At first, this solving puzzles article seems to go astray of our topic (which is home security cameras) a bit, but in fact it is not.

When I was a child, I started to love solving puzzles, especially wooden toys with beads and rings.

The objective is quite simple. All you have to do is to remove the ring out of the system, or move the ring from one bead to the other. Easy enough, right?

However, in fact I have spent days (perhaps weeks) to find the answer, not even mentioning about countless of time I have given up.

Luckily, the Internet has all the solutions I ever need.

solving puzzles

How puzzles help you secure your house?

When you try to solve a puzzle, it’s such a natural inclination to examine all possible (and “legal”) ways to get it done.

Doing so gives you a thorough view of your game, and you can approach it in a more creative way later.

Do you know that sneaking into your house is also a ‘puzzle’ that thieves are tempted to solve?

By looking at how to put yourself in those thieves’ shoes, you are already halfway to protect your assets and beloved ones from possible dangers.

You should keep asking yourself how I can solve this “puzzle” (meaning, how I can break into my house). That is a very useful exercise to continually bullet proof your house safety.

Don’t take my words for granted. I already tried, and it helped me a lots. Besides, it is really fun to solve challenging and educational puzzles as well.

My recommendation

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a very entertaining movie called Loop de Loop which told an inspiring story of an old Japanese man who took 10 years to solve a single puzzle.

You read it right! 10 years!

The puzzle was named Loop de Loop or Japanese Ring Puzzle.

It got my curious and I ordered one for myself, and one for my friend in Canada. Yes, he loved it.

Solving this puzzle is challenging; however, it changes the way I look at things positively.

I feel I become more alert, and can easily pinpoint any security vulnerabilities of my house. Hence, I think you should get one (or two) to practice.

You can easily get this wooden puzzle at Garage9 – Toys Made With Love (awesome customer support)

That’s it for today! Let me know if you have any question regarding home security, and perhaps how to solve the Japanese Ring Puzzle.

Hint: Furthermore, I heard that buying from Josh (the lead maker) would give you the BEST price on the net. Here is the link:

Finally, have fun solving puzzles!

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