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Welcome to Home Security Cameras HQ. I am Bob, and I will share my ideas and reviews about home alarm systems on this blog that may help you.

At first, I intend to create a simple place that help others save time and find safe home security solution.

However, after a month or so, I figure out that these alarm systems are more than just a necessity. They are actually the defining element of any family’s well-being and happiness.

Unfortunately, this day and age of boundless technological advances, many people may have a number of questions and misconceptions surrounding the use of home security cameras and equipment in generals.

  • What is spy video camera? What is DIY alarm systems? How to install outdoor security camera system?, etc.

It happened to me too; then, I decided to learn and share.

This website records my learning journey, together with some valuable guest posts from industry experts. Feel free to browse around the site.

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Why should you buy home alarm systems?

A security camera system has proved to be a crucial need recently. Most people use security cameras to catch potential intruders, who commit to illegal activities and use the recording as a showcase to the government officers.

Not only so, the cameras help you feel safe, monitor ongoing activities, record video for reference, communicate with family members (and yes, pets), and more.

home alarm systems

People purchase alarm systems for home for different reasons, but here are the common themes:

  • With the help of your home security camera, you can supervise people such as maid, nanny and other workers working inside your house and take care of your belongings.
  • Being a night vision security camera, together with an alarm or a sensor, the home alarm systems help you catch thief, who intends to break in an steal valuable things from your home. You can even catch them later by CCTV footage.
  • You can keep an eye on your kids and immediately know what they are doing (or up to). Using a hidden camera for home with audio, you even communicate with them if needed.
  • The home security camera provides you a complete protection from evil activities. You can immediately check out who is outside of the home and what he is trying to do. But, a more useful feature is that it will scare anyone with bad intention off your home without you doing a thing.

These are all valid reasons why we need home security cameras to protect our family’s safety.

And I truly believe that you need a security camera system for your home right now. I am here to help you choose the best one.

Let’s take a look at the best home alarm systems and compare their crucial features

It used to be that only those with a large budget to spend (firms seeking for business security systems) could ever hope to have anything of the sort.

Well, nowadays with much more affordable options the average consumer can afford to keep an eye on his home and family without breaking the bank.

With our sortable guide below, you can easily compare the top and popular home security cameras provided on the market today.

I have done that most time consuming task of collecting all of this data for you.

Simply drag and drop a few security cameras onto the table, then click on the name or image of the camera to dig in a bit deeper, read the reviews and get the latest deals.

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Key things to consider before buying your home alarm systems

As you may already aware: there are a lot of security camera companies available in the market. However, not all of them provides good quality home security cameras.

Hence, before jumping to purchase, you need to thoughtfully consider different aspects of those home security cameras before drawing your wallet:

  1. The camera should be small, and handy in size so that it could be installed anywhere you want without people knowing about it. Unless you try to use fake security camera to scare people off, a small size is always better.
  2. The camera should have a dual audio system, through which you can communicate with other people (son, daughter, wife …) through security cameras.
  3. The night vision of the camera should be exceptional. The camera should have a clear view in the night without any light, because you have “more chances” to be robbed during the night.
  4. The camera should have an ability to zoom and focus on the person, and the same function should work in the night vision as well.
  5. The camera should have the option to rotate and tilt by using the security camera application on your smart phone or Internet so that you can comfortably change the view of the camera.
  6. The camera should have the ability to record and keep the footage for at least a month so that in a case of any emergency, you could check out the previous recording for sorting out the matter.
  7. The camera should adjust the lighting accordingly. Due to the direct sunlight reflection, the camera may not be able to view clearly. Thus, the camera should be adjusted to the weather condition accordingly.
  8. The security camera should be a indoor wireless spy camera or an outdoor ip camera so that you could easily access through phone’s application anytime and anywhere.
  9. The camera should have a sensor ability so that if camera found any illegal activity, it should give an alarm to you or the control room for instant action.

These key considerations should give you good advices to make better decision.

home alarm systems

I’ve gone a bit further and shortlisted 4 top choices of home security cameras for you

You can easily grab these hidden cameras for sale or spy cameras for sale from the best home security companies on Amazon or other e-commerce sites.

The 4th place: Icontrol Networks Piper nv

Icontrol Networks Piper nv

  • Pros: Adorable image quality (video resolution is 1,080p and photo resolution is 1,920 x 1,080), dual audio, Wifi and Z-Wave connection
  • Cons: No local storage, no web application

For a detailed product review, check out the Icontrol Networks Piper nv.

The 3rd place: Nest Cam

Nest Cam

  • Pros: Stunning image resolution, 8-x digital zoom, extra Nest devices for a holistic wireless alarm system, wide 130-degree field of view, easy security camera installation
  • Cons: Paid cloud storage, limited notification features

For a detailed product review, check out the Nest Cam security camera.

The 2nd place: D-link DCS 932L

D-Link DCS-932L

  • Pros: Motion detection, email alerts by programmed triggers, infrared LED lights to see up to 16 feet into the dark (night vision), wireless, extremely lightweight, good as spy camera …… AND CHEAP!
  • Cons: so-so image resolution, look cheap

For a detailed product review, check out the D-link DCS 932L Day and Night Wireless. This security alarm system, produced by one of the favorite home alarm companies, ranks higher to the Nest Cam or Icontrol Networks Piper nv mostly for its robust features at a very affordable price that you hardly find elsewhere.

And the winner is … Canary All-in-One

Canary All in One

  • Pros: 1080p HD camera, 147 degree wide-angle lens, automatic night vision, and high-quality audio, no extra hubs or extra sensors needed (yes, all in one), temperature, humidity and air quality monitor, intelligent notifications, built-in siren controlled from your phone …
  • Cons: too many features (sometimes it may get you confused)

For a detailed product review, check out the Canary All in One. For me, Canary All-in-One is the best home alarm systems that one can dream of.

Now You Can Choose the Best Alarm System with Confidence

After you have read my security camera system reviews, learned about all of the considerations and features of modern security cameras, and browsed through and compared some different models, you’ll be ready to make a buying decision with confidence and end up with the right home alarm systems at the right price that is just right – for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!