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Home security tip for you in Winter months

Home security tip in winter

Home security tip: Winter may be seen by most individuals as a gloomy season where it is just nice to sit quietly at home, relax, or even take a vacation elsewhere.

The long nights and cold weather provides a quiet and serene environment, which makes most people lazy. Most criminal know this and will take advantage of it.

Therefore, the winter season is not a time when you should let your guard down. It is a time to check again if your home security is enough.

Yes, that is right! Actually from a recent study,Garda Statistics show that burglaries can increase by 25% at this time of year, so it is important to re-assess your home protection.

Tip #1: Get a Lock Defroster

One of the troubles that the winter season gives is freezing the locks of doors, cars, and other equipment. You do not want to be breaking into your own home if the door’s locks have been frozen do you?

Getting a lock defroster will save you the trouble of breaking your door and leaving a weak spot in your home security system.

Lock defrosters are not expensive and should be available in most hardware stores. Always keep one lock defroster handy during the winter season.

Tip #2: Retest Outdoor Security System

The cold weather can also cause your outdoor security system to malfunction. Your lighting, alarm system, motion sensors, and security cameras can malfunction or totally break down.

So, during the winter season, regularly check your outdoor home security, retest it several times, to make sure that are all working properly.

If there are any indications that a particular security device is failing, replace immediately and do not wait for it to break.

If something is already broken, replace it with a device that is weather resistant.

Winter's home security tip

Tip #3: Plow and Clean the Driveway

This may not seem a good idea because it will give easier access to your house. However, plowing the ice will say that there are people in the house and it is not empty. This is sometimes enough to discourage criminals.

The best home security will always be the presence of people inside the house. Letting the snow build up can signify that the house is empty and may invite criminals’ activity.

Tip #4: Leave a Mark

Leaving a mark on all your important and expensive belongings is another home security you should practice especially if you plan to leave the house during winter season.

Write down the serial numbers of your electronic equipment, list down when and where the items were purchased, and how much they were.

In case you find out that they are missing after returning home, it will be easier to report to the police anything that has been stolen, and they can be returned to you if they are found.

Tip #5: Practice Common Sense

The winter season can make you lazy and will make you forget some basic home security routines, like locking your doors and windows or keeping the outdoor lights on.

Do not let your guard down, if you see something suspicious happening outside, call 911 and report it immediately.

Do not leave your belongings outside because they can be buried under the snow or be forgotten. Make a list of common precautions you should do and practice it until it becomes a habit.

Hope you find these home security tip easy to use. If you have more home security tip in winter months to add, please drop a comment below.

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