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5 best home security camera locations!

Did you know where best to install your security camera at home?

Deciding where are your best home security camera locations is tricky. You may have read from the government statistics that just about every eight seconds or so a burglary takes place in the United States. 

Where you decide to set up your home security cameras can be very important. The areas you decide to set up your home security cameras must be able to capture what is going on in that particular area. If an intruder came into this area then the security camera should be able to capture the intruder.

Placing your cameras in certain locations will have everything to do with if you catch any unusual activity. These cameras should be pointed at entrances and areas that lead up to your home. Windows and door areas are good places to point your cameras in the direction of. These cameras usually cover a nice size area so make sure they are pointed correctly to get the areas you need covered.

Some security cameras are very noticeable and others are small and hidden. Where you decide to place them can either be in places that are noticed or unnoticed. Locations watching the outside of your doors are popular places where people put their cameras.

Most security cameras are set up outside of your home. This is because you need to be able to watch what is happening outside from the inside of your home. It is also good to point security cameras at areas like garage doors and others doors located outside.

Sometimes it is hard to point your cameras on areas like your windows because of having so many windows. But the door areas are a good bet and sometimes the windows are also monitored.

If you place your camera where it is pointing at the side of your home then you may be able to capture more area. Setting your camera at an angle to caption the whole side of your house can really show a lot. Driveways are good places to set up home security camera locations.

They can show the intruder coming and going from your property. And then you will have them on tape. Places on your home that could be potential areas where an intruder may break in are good places to set up your security cameras. Adding extra lighting to your home is good for security purposes and will help lighten up the area where your security cameras are pointing.

The average homeowner has about a one in six chance of being a victim of a burglary at some point in their lives! You can take some precautions to ensure you’re not one of these unfortunate victims however by understanding where burglars tend to make attempts to break in at.

With this knowledge in mind, the best home security cameras or home alarm systems can be put in place that emphasize these locations based on the likelihood of them to be broken into, as well as the location relative to your own property.

Let’s figure out where the top 5 best home security camera locations are. Satety.com also agree on those:

Home security camera locations

1. Front Door – 34%

Even I was surprised at my first time finding this out, and for good reason! The front door is generally going to be facing a street, and is the most public location that someone could pick to try and break in at. Nevertheless, 34% of break ins start right at the front door, where it is usually kicked or forced open somehow.

home security camera locations

Keep a security camera facing straight out the front door for the best chance to deter or at least identify the intruder at a later time.

Do you know that 81% of burglars enter through the first floor, according to a recent study of CNET.

2. Ground Level Windows – 23%

First floor windows are number two behind the front door, which isn’t all that surprising. What is surprising however, is that the intruders generally gain access through unlocked windows!

home security camera locations

Having a window alarm is always helpful for such things, but actually locking the window is a good first step!

3. Back Door – 22%

After finding that the front is 34%, a 22% chance for the back door makes sense. Since the intruder isn’t usually in public when entering through the back door, he has more time to think of a more sophisticated method of entry.

home security camera locations

This results in less kicked in or forced open back doors, which tend to have their locks picked.

4. Garage – 9%

Whether you have an attached or unattached garage, make sure you keep it secure as well! An unlocked, unattached garage is an invitation for sloppy burglars to come through and have a field day with any expensive tools and equipment.

home security camera locations

They might even turn that equipment right back around on you to break into your own home with! At least keep a lock on the door if it isn’t going to be monitored. 

5. Basements – 4%

Since these statistics are nationwide, the numbers for basements will of course be lower, considering some states don’t typically have basements in their homes. Alabama being one, for example. Burglars do look at basements as a fairly easy target however, because the homeowner will most likely be upstairs sleeping, far away from where he’ll be making noise breaking into the basement.

home security camera locations

Make sure your basement windows are kept just as secure as your ground level ones.

For more information, you can check out professional advices from Lorex HERE. Also, you will want to make sure that there is no interference in your camera system.

What do you think about those best five home security camera locations? You can share your experience placing security camera around your home by commenting below.

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